Tradeteq Distribute for WOA


Access to Alternative Funding for WOA Members

As the financial services industry adapts to changing regulatory, economic and political landscape, banks alone can no longer fulfil the demand for Trade Finance funding, especially to SMEs.

However, sourcing of diversified and committed funding lines can be a costly and complex undertaking. This is where Tradeteq Distribute can help. 

With Tradeteq Distribute for WOA, open account finance providers can build an efficient capital markets distribution and investment business for receivables finance at a fraction of the cost.

What is included in Tradeteq Distribute:

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Broaden your funding pool through Tradeteq marketplace and send offers to multiple funders with one click

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Network as a Service

Build a bank-grade secure private network to connect, interact and transact with your counterparties globally

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Trading Automation

Leverage state of the art technology to automate the end-to-end distribution lifecycle between originators and funders

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Reporting and Analytics

Download key reports and analytics on all aspects of asset distribution including transaction reports, NAV calculations, sell-down reporting, and more

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Repackaging as a Service

Transform assets into investible notes allowing investors looking to meet bespoke investment criteria

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Structuring and Market Sounding

Access structuring advisory and execution support as well as market sounding services to maximise funder interest and outcomes